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Apple and apple tree by Ieva Cipruse

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Apple and apple tree by Ieva Cipruse
Apple with Apple Tree Collection by Ieva Cipruse. This is a reminder of the tree you come from, growing in the woods or in a lush garden, and also a reminder of those who stand close to you. Of how you grow and develop through the seasons – mature, stay stronger and reach upwards. By yourself and with others. In many folk tales, the apple tree is the tree of life, the tree of the world. The beginning. Standing strong, stretching upwards, sometimes breaking a branch from the weight and wind, but continuing to grow. Ieva Cipruse creates stories and records the world. Mostly on paper, but occasionally weaving a story into things. This time in a jewellery collection with Baltu Rotas, creating a story about an apple tree and an apple, a story about roots, branches that survive the seasons and, ultimately, the seasons in which we grow bigger. The collection includes a silver pendant that is like an apple tree trunk on one side, with a text by Ieva Cipruse on the other. The jewellery in this collection will make a great gift for your mum or grandma on Mother’s Day, to say thank you for what you have been given, as well as a gift for yourself.