A story... About the wisdom of life, rooted in the earth and it’s people. About nature’s remarkable marvels. About an indestructible nativity forged from courage. About roots presented to the world as a jewel. Head up, chest out and eyes shining bright.

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Small trees
Small Prussian sun motif

Jewellery made by
your own thought or hand

Wedding rings - created for or with you.

Namejs ring weaved by you.

Masterclasses for your celebrtions.

Personalised and corporate orders

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A gift with
a story

Gift card for jewellery and masterclasses.

Buy a gift card, giving the reveler the opportunity to choose a piece of jewelry to their liking or take part in a unique adventure - braid your Nameja ring. Surprise your loved ones, friends, co-workers or other important people with a lasting and original gift that will delight you for years to come.

Gift cards can be purchased and used in our stores in Old Riga, Sigulda and in the online store.



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