A story...
About the wisdom of life, rooted in the earth and its people.
About nature’s remarkable marvels.
About an indestructible maturity forged from courage.

Our work is based on the jewellery treasures of the ancient Baltic tribes, which do not cease to astonish with their forms, ornaments, and stories. We keep conveying their unique message by both creating precise copies of ancient jewellery and including ancient signs and symbols in modern-design jewels; and we have also created design collections inspired by the beautiful nature of Baltics. Our jewels have travelled to all populated continents on Earth, and we are delighted to hear afterwards that other people recognise the wearer’s connection to Latvia. We have also hosted guests from distant countries, who visited Riga enticed by our jewellery.

Inita & Vitauts Straupe

Baltu Rotas, a family enterprise born from a passion for our roots over 25 years ago, stands strong today. Inita and Vitauts Straupe, the founders, have been joined by over 20 skilled assistants. Since day one, our jewelry has been crafted in the picturesque town of Sigulda.

Our Team


We are a diverse and complementary team, encompassing skilled master craftsmen, sharp minds, and numerous pairs of industrious, loving, and caring hands dedicated to creating jewelry. Our friendly shop staff will be delighted to share the stories behind these creations. From our hands to yours!

Good Deeds

When choosing charity projects, we listen to the voice of our hearts. Presently, we back the family assistance community "Zvannieki," the association "Cerību spārni," and medical treatment expenses in "ziedot.lv" initiatives, contributing 15% of the proceeds from our charity collections.

Charity collection TREES

For over a decade, 15% of the proceeds from this collection have been allocated to diverse charitable causes. Consequently, we've assisted underprivileged children in finding homes within the "Zvannieki" community and handicapped people join in jobs under the care of association "Cerību Spārni".

Co-op Projects

We believe in pursuing endeavors that make your eyes light up. That's why we've engaged in numerous fantastic collaborations with artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other individuals who captivate and inspire us.

Participation in the forum "Female Leader 2021"

This year, we participated in the remarkable "Female Leader 2021" growth and inspiration forum. Our chief designer, Inita Straupe, crafted an exclusive original jewel for all the outstanding speakers: a silver brooch featuring a Padparadscha sapphire and beach cobbles. This piece symbolizes the diverse roles of women.. The photo style and clothing were developed in collaboration with fashion designer Iveta Vecmane.

Our story