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Bronze Earrings

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Baltu Rotas earrings are handmade with great love. Here you will find various pieces – motifs from ancient jewellery, as well as bronze earrings designed by our Baltu Rotas designers. Our product range is broad and includes earrings for women and children. The range includes long earrings, stud earrings, earrings with Latvian symbols, fringe earrings, dangling earrings. Baltu Rotas bronze earrings will make a special gift as each piece of jewellery has its own story. Our ancestors left us a special treasure with the ancient motifs of the sun, a symbol of eternal movement, life, and development. Ancient silver amulets, symbols and crosses provided protection and strength to our ancestors. You will find the right gift for loved ones, friends, and family, and for yourself. Baltu Rotas can be a graduation gift, a birthday gift, or a piece of jewellery to wear on a special day. To ensure the well-being of our customers, the hooks of our bronze earrings are gold-plated – preventing allergic reactions, itching or pain in the ear.