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Silver rings

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Baltu Rotas rings are handmade with great love. Among the silver rings you will find the legendary Namejs Ring, which has become a symbol of unity of the nation; rings with Latvian symbols featuring our ancient Latvian deities who in ancient times were the bearers of protection, strength, and prosperity; the unique Piebalga rings made of silver and gold, and rings with stones made by our designers. Particularly unique is the collection designed by Inita Straupe with seaside stones set in silver. A ring is jewellery that you can choose as a gift for yourself or for your loved ones. It can be silver rings for men or women , a graduation gift to remember a great job well done , or a birthday gift that delights with a long-desired piece. Among all the rings, there is a special engagement ring that will create a story of a beautiful beginning of a union. It is common for wedding rings to be gold, but our customers also choose silver wedding rings. If you are questioning the size of your ring, our size chart will help you.