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Bronze brooches, brooches

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Baltu Rotas pins are handmade with great love. The fibula, or brooch, is one of the oldest ornaments that had a practical use – helping to secure clothing. Here you will find ancient pins from the 3rd century made as exact copies or motifs of ancient jewellery, to modern brooches where our jewellery designers, inspired by nature, have created beautiful brooches in silver and bronze. Latvian culture is rich in traditions, and one of them is the Song and Dance Festival. At Baltu Rotas you will find beautiful folk costume fibulae to accessorise your dress according to the region. Or you will find beautiful fibulae for a woollen shawl. There are also men’s fibulae for linen shirts. Some of the most popular men’s fibulae are the owl fibula and the horseshoe fibula. Bronze fibulae, or brooches, and bronze pins can be a great gift for people who like to embrace the folk traditions. It can also be a representational gift to show the richness of our nation.