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This collection is about the love of the forest that has been handed down in the family and is passed on to the next generation. Experiencing all the seasons near the forest is how this collection evolved. It is the first collection of the author of the idea, Ieva Straupe-Lūse. Ieva is the daughter of the founders of Baltu Rotas, Inita and Vitauts Straupe, and a long-standing manager of the company. This story is about the foliage under which you can hide in the warm summer rain, when your feet are soaked in moss, and listen to the birds chirping. A story about pressing your back against a trunk and listening to the leaves crunching above. About feeling the tree, its life and tenderness. About feeling yourself next to the pulsating life at work in nature. About thriving like leaves towards the light, opening like small, firm hands. And to nourish and love the world with the palms of leaves. To change, to grow bigger. With its notches and dripping sap at the tips of the leaves, holding insects and other leaves on the branch. About changing colour. Sprouting. About holding tight and never letting go. Of someone’s hair, heart, or your own tree. 15% of the income from the collection is donated to various charity projects helping fellows. In this collection you will find bronze and silver bracelets for him and her, beautiful, lightweight silver earrings, bronze earrings with gold-plated hooks, and airy bronze and silver pendants, silver and bronze necklaces, as well as silver dress studs for men with oak motif. Jewellery is also available in red gold or yellow gold. Any of the silver jewellery can be ordered in gold. The jewellery of this collection is ideal as a gift for both women and men. It can be a gift for graduation, wedding day, anniversary, or any special occasion. Jewellery is a perfect gift to give to your loved ones.