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Seven days ring

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A legendary Latvian ring with seven symbols, worn as a symbol of Latvian recognition in the world. Nowadays this ring is worn by both married and unmarried girls and women. It has seven pendants with ancient Latvian symbols. Men choose this ring as an engagement ring for their beloved. Legend has it that there was a young and beautiful girl who had seven admirers and she could not choose which one to marry. She went to a blacksmith and asked him to forge a ring with seven pendants, each with a different symbol. Each sign represented one admirer. Whichever charm was lost first, that admirer she would marry...Another legend associates the seven charms of the ring with the seven days of the week. The collection includes jewellery for women: silver rings, silver earrings, silver bracelets. The jewellery of this collection is ideal as a gift for women. It can be a gift for graduation, wedding day, anniversary, or any special occasion. Jewellery is a perfect gift to give to your loved ones. If you are questioning the size of your ring or bracelet, our size chart will help you.